My February was spent connecting with Greg through the airways only to have Greg’s fire and luster dowsed as February and Greg came to an end with Greg providing a unique twist to the “pursue, conquer, and disappear” phenomenon.

Greg was the first in my new strategy of taking action rather than waiting for the guy to send me the first email. I crafted a brief but sincere email sending it to a few men who had looked at my profile and had similar interests.  And success – Greg responded in kind. The only snag was that Greg lived in a different state.

The email traffic between us was steady at first but soon picked up with Greg sending an onslaught of emails. I was feeling overwhelmed after receiving three emails while trying to respond to his first one. Email one of three provided additional information about Greg, which included the fact that he had been married once but that was 23 years ago. Email two of three had more questions along with Greg’s phone number. In the third email, Greg told me that he was already feeling a connection between us. I should have seen the red flags, but I was blinded by the attention.

Within days of that first email, Greg and I were exchanging text messages and talking on the phone. Each text message and phone call brought us closer and closer together. I would end my day saying good night on the phone and start my day with a good morning email or text from Greg. Soon I was the one feeling the deep connection and wondering if Greg could be the one.

After four long weeks of emailing, texting, and talking on the phone, Greg and I planned to meet with Greg driving to me for our dating boot camp weekend. Excitement swirled in my body as I counted down the days and minutes to his arrival.

And there he was. Greg and I stood inches away from each other. Our fingers instantly intertwined as we shared our first kiss. The kiss was better than I had imagined with a forgotten pleasure radiating through my body and butterflies fluttering in the pit of my stomach. Greg and I became a couple that weekend. We had cocktails in Santa Fe. We went to my favorite winery in Northern New Mexico. We had dinner with one of my girlfriends. By Sunday the butterflies I had felt during our first kiss were transforming into a nagging knot. I had to wonder if time had stopped since I could not wait to say good bye to Greg and hello to my space.

Two days after our last goodbye past without a word from Greg. How unlike him I thought as I started to doubt myself and the connection I thought we had. The nagging knot that was forming Sunday morning was tightening.

And then it happened – the break up email or what I like to refer to as the infamous “Dave Letterman’s Top 10 Things to Consider when dating Laura”.  The nagging feeling had been confirmed by the words Greg wrote.  The negative comments ranged from religion to Botex and that I was not muscular defined enough for him and I did not work out enough. Greg went as far as to question whether or not I could keep up with him in the gym. I was dumbfounded since I had asked Greg if he wanted to do a weight workout after our Saturday morning cycling workout. Greg said he wanted to eat breakfast whether than pump iron. And now he was questioning my ability in the gym?

Greg went on to say that in every other category I was perfect – personality, self-esteem, financially stable, clean, sexy, but I just did not work out enough. Yes, I was close to perfection but with the word “but” reverberating in the back of my mind.

I was confused, hurt, and livid. I was furious with Greg for his critical and asinine assessment of me wondering what planet he was from. I was annoyed with myself for letting my heart fall and ignoring the red flags. Before I could compose my rage and a rebuttal, I received another email from Greg letting me know that he was attracted to my girlfriend.

As we can see, the disappearing act for Greg was his senses.