The Roman adventure started as a whirlwind adventure towards the end of 2007. Like with most men, Roman was instantly and heavily in pursuit for my attention, but sputtered like a dud when we toasted to a new year for Roman was not ready to board the train to couplesville.

My first encounter with Roman was like a movie moment when I captured his attention the minute I walked into a crowded Santa Fe bar. Roman and I spent the next 30 minutes exchanging glances and waving at each other from across the bar. I would turn to my girlfriends asking “why isn’t he coming over?” and “should I go over to him?” After getting tired of waiting for Roman to make the first move, I walked to where he was sitting and introduced myself. Apparently, Roman’s stomach had a greater priority than his heart since he busy eating his dinner. Roman did have every intention of coming over to as soon as he was done. What would Roman have done if I had left before he had finished his hamburger?

Roman and I spent the rest of 2007 eating sushi, attending concerts, exploring the Santa Fe plaza, dancing the night away at the Aids and Comfort Gala, watching American Idol, and celebrating Christmas. But Roman and I were not a couple. My time with Roman brought about the concept of the relationship triangle, which could be used to illustrate a balance or not so balance relationship. An equilateral triangle was a balanced relationship with both sides equally contributing to the relationship. Roman loved the concept, as we discussed what type of triangle Roman and I had or rather did not have.

The Roman adventure continued into 2008 with a road trip to Colorado to see David Wilcox in Concert. The road trip was a pleasant remembrance of the many times my second ex-husband and I journeyed to Colorado to ski. The road trip also included a near miss accident as Roman’s car did several 360s across the icy highway, eventually landing us and the car into a small ravine. Fortunately Roman, the car, and I were not injured. I’m proud to say that I did not scream, cry, or wet my pants as the car spun several times across the road, and I was the one driving.

The Roman adventure came to an end shortly after he helped me install a closet organizer. I discovered that Roman was sleeping with another woman and had been shortly after we salsa danced our way into 2008. I also discovered that I would have to give up precious closet space if I was to ever live with a guy.

It was time to say good-bye to January and Roman since the relationship triangle between Roman and I did not exist.  And really – how could I have a relationship with a man who cries while watching American Idol?