Book Reviews for "Splintered Refections"

What are people saying about the book?

I really enjoyed reading Laura Kelly’s book Splintered Reflections and found myself wanting more!  I caught myself thinking about the story while I was doing other things, and was eager to get back to reading it when I had to set it aside.  Ms. Kelly painted a picture that enabled me to step into Cathy’s life and feel what she was feeling, and see what she was seeing.  I believe the mark of a good book is when it stays with you when you finish it, and that is true for this book!  

~ Erika Gorman

An intriguing and descriptive story from the very beginning.  An emotional page-turner that left me waiting for more.

~ Yvonne Williams

Self Published Author

A must read for anyone who has ever asked the question “Who am I?” The author brings her reader through pages of intense personal and interpersonal questions with incredible character development throughout the whole book while intertwining a fascinating story of family, friends, trust, betrayal, abandonment, doubt, love, pain; capturing all the emotions every one of us has experienced. The author held my interest all the way through to the last page, not afraid of exposing truth. The ending; a surprise; a twist worth the wait.  Kudos to Laura.

~ Angie Corbett-Kuiper

Spiritual Healing Coach, The YOUniverse Coach, LLC