I thought this would be easy. I listed my likes, dislikes, and what I was looking for in a guy. The guy did the same. Match sent me an email with my top picks for the week. And there he was. We both like to play golf and to ski. He had a picture. And he was attractive. He was in my age group. I was in his. On paper we were a match.

I thought about sending him an email but was pleasantly surprised to see that he was the one to start the dance. His first email was brief letting me know that he liked my profile and that he joined Match.com because of me. I was flattered. I responded in kind letting him know that I enjoyed his profile and agreed that we seemed to have a lot in common. Several more emails were exchanged with each email bringing us closer and closer together.  Finally excitement and hope were stirring inside me with the first date, the coffee date, planned.

He was perched on the edge of his seat eagerly waiting for my arrival and jumping out of his seat each time the door to the coffee shop opened. I stood in the shadows watching. He sat, coffee in hand, glancing out the window and then to the door. I let out a sigh of relief to see that he looked like his photo. I sucked in a big breath and opened the door to see him look my way and smile. I returned the smile along with a wave as I strolled to the counter to place my order. I could feel his eyes follow me and had to wonder if he was looking me up and down, accessing me.  Perhaps he too was he relieved to see that I looked like my photo.

I walked in his direction with a steaming cup of coffee and a nervous smile.   The aromatic steam was circling me, its wisps of rich aroma tickling me nose and calming my senses. I’m not certain why I was nervous. Was my inner child telling me something? He pushed himself out of his chair and grinned when I reached the table. Perhaps he’s a gentleman after all I thought. Pleasantries were exchanged, which of course included something about the weather as we both took our seats.

A continuation of our likes and dislikes ensued as if we were playing a game of chess. I would share a story of my favorite activity – check. His move would triumph mine with an interruption and an elaboration of his favorite activity – check mate. My excitement was slowly being chipped away with each move, with each boring story shared. I had to wonder what happened to the witty banter we had exchanged earlier in our emails. I remembered being so hopefully when I read the words he wrote. The words coming out his mouth, the look on his face, the light in his eye were not stirring butterflies. Instead the sound of bees circled my head as his voice droned in and out like a dream.

Silence was soon hanging heavy in the air bringing the game to an end. I glanced out the window to see a couple holding hands as they strolled across the street. Their bodies so close they could be one. I let out a heavy sigh, the breath that I had been holding for the last hour. I turned back to my date to see that he too had been gazing off to the side. I had to wonder if we were both searching for the chemistry we thought existed between us since we were a perfect match on paper.