I lay in bed blinking the sleep out of my eyes. I lay still with the blanket weighing heavy on my body. The birds were singing the start of another day. Yet, even their happy melody could not soften my realization.  I was no longer the person who had fallen in love with the man that was next to me. I was no longer the woman who had become his shadow.

With the haze of ignorance removed, I saw that he was leading and I was following.  I never questioned our destination or veered from the path. I was too absorbed in the dream, losing myself in his journey. I was unaware of who I was, what I wanted to be, or where I would like to go. My identity was fused in every pore of his being.

Women thought I was the lucky one since I was with him. I was living their fantasy. He was smart, handsome, and confident. Like everyone else I was drawn to him.  He was the catalyst to the adventures I had dreamt about.  Soon, I was trapped in the web that was his aura.  But how could I question his actions when I was living a dream?

Like a shiny coin losing its brilliance over time, the newness had faded. The adventures evolved into the mundane with the routine being set by him. The path was always the same. There was no deviation. I trailed along the path cloaked in my ignorance one blinded foot placed in front of the other. He never stopped to ask where I would like to go. I just followed.

And here I lay finally seeing that there was more to us then him. There was more to me then us. I pushed the covers away letting the air hit my skin.  The barrier that blocked the person that I could be had disappeared.   Like a flower pushing its way through the concrete, I said goodbye to him and hello to me, the sun, and a new beginning.