Smiling Sets In Motion

Imagine walking in the sunshine and feeling the sun kissing your cheeks causing a smile to erupt across your face.  That smile sets in motion a chain reaction – electricity vibrating throughout your body making you feel alive. Happiness is coursing through your body with that one simple gesture.Smiling
That smile sets in motion the positive that lies within us. Just like an underground spring bubbling to the surface bringing forth water that is fresh and alive. One small drink from that spring can quench your thirst and excite your senses. That water can also bring life to a small seed as it seeps into the hard casing and awakens the flower that longs to bloom; a harmonious domino effect as one positive occurrence propagates into a positive outcome.

The Smile From Those We Love

I remember receiving a smile from my mom that would wash away whatever fears or doubts I had when I was a child. Her smile would wipe away a tear from a skinned knee. Her smile would make my heart swell with pride whenever I would see her out in the crowd during a performance. Knowing that her smile was watching over me brought happiness into my world and a huge smile on my face. That smile would cause me to float among the clouds feeling as though I was the most important person in the world.
hearts smilingAnd now a smile from my husband reminds me of the love we have for each other.  We would be sitting across the table, a subtle lapse in conversation, when he would gently place his hand on top of mine and smile.  The happiness and love behind his smile surrounds me.  That smile fills my heart with joy and energy.  His smile moves through by body exploding into a smile on my own face. Even in the silence, I can hear our hearts singing because of the happiness we share.

Smiling Creates Happiness

Imagine someone entering your life with a huge smile on their face. Their simple action will start a chain reaction within you. The light within you begins to pulse with excitement. The happiness inside you longs to reach the soul of another. Happiness is an elixir that once tasted permeates our senses exploding into rays that shoot from our body as a smile. A smile is contagious. A smile sets forth in motion actions that perpetuate happiness.  So just smile…….