Splintered Reflections

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Splintered Reflections

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In the book “Splintered Reflections” Cathy is shattered with the disturbing loss of both her parents. She struggles with her identity asking every morning as she looks in the mirror Who Am I?  Riddled with guilt and plagued by the issues left unresolved with her mother’s disappearance, she reluctantly pushes outside the box she has created for herself.   Rescued from her isolation by a new friend named Jane, Cathy begins to break free of her shell through Jane’s insistence that the world’s adventures are to be embraced.  Further, challenged by a demanding, creative writing Professor, Cathy discovers the cathartic effects of writing as she pours her thoughts and feelings onto paper, transforming not only the blank piece of paper but also herself.

As if emerging from a fog, Cathy’s recovered memories enable her to look within and begin to piece together the shards of her shattered life.   Through her small network of friends and mentors, her self-doubt slips away as her confidence begins to grow, and she discovers that the answers she seeks lie within.  A wistful first love brings a touching element to remind us that there is a Cathy inside all of us.

Many will identify with Cathy’s loss and loneliness, a condition which plagues most teenagers.   While we feel her ennui, ultimately we are uplifted by the triumph of her spirit.  With subtle grace, complicated wisdom, and striking emotion, Splintered Reflections reminds us of our human capacity for resilience, epiphany, and self-realization.  This is a contemporary and relatable tale of personal growth, discovery, empowerment, and, finally, self-forgiveness that old and young alike will find compelling.