There are two times when I take a break from on-line dating. The first is when I meet a guy and we decide to pursue a relationship. The second is when I need to escape the madness that on-line dating can bring. Since I did not see a potential relationship in my immediate future, it was time to put my account to sleep and enjoy life rather than letting it pass me by.

Tonight, I was attending an Aids and Comfort Gala with a few of my friends. Like with any fund raiser there was a silent action, and I have a weakness for silent auctions. I was lucky there were just a few items that I could potential afford. My luck continued since there was a tall, somewhat attractive man interested in a necklace that had caught my eye.

We were like kids playing a game. I would increase the bid by five dollars and walk away. He would casually slip behind me to do the same. I had to wonder if he could feel my gaze as I watched him look from one side and then to the other before quickly scribbling on the piece of paper that held our bids. As soon as he disappeared, I would stroll back to the necklace to take my turn.

And then I got caught. I could feel the heat of his body behind me. I had to wonder if he had been watching me the entire time and waiting for the right moment to make his final move. I took a deep breath letting the woodsy scent of his cologne flood my senses and surround me. I turned to see him looking down at me.  He had a sly grin and chocolate brown eyes. I smiled back uncertain of what to say. I knew I wasn’t guilty of anything other than liking the same necklace and why does he need the necklace. It must be for his wife.

I quickly looked at his left hand releasing a long exhale. He was not married. Well let’s just say he did not have a gold band wrapped around his left ring finger. He seemed a little older than me and I had to wonder if I would look at his profile if he was on At least I knew that the man standing so close to me was real.

He gentle took a hold of my hand and guided me to a secluded table. My heart jumped from such an intimate act, but I was not afraid or threaten by his forwardness. My feet breathed a sigh of relief after sliding my body onto the chair he had pulled out for me. We sat close to each other with his knee occasionally brushing against my thigh as we chatted the rest of the night away. Our conversation was effortless.  It felt as though we had known each other for longer than an hour or so. His name was Steve, and he wanted the necklace for his daughter’s birthday.

Time had quickly disappeared bringing the party to an end. I had to excuse myself to find my friends. I knew even before glancing over my shoulder that Steve’s attention was still on me, and I was right. I had to wonder if he thought I was returning to the necklace for one last bid, or if he just wanted to watch me walk away. Either way my heart fluttered, and we smiled and waved back at each other.

I found my friends, but not Steve. I returned to the necklace to see that I had won. My victory felt bitter sweet. Why didn’t he ask for my phone number? Was I mistaken once again by the connection I was feeling? I trudged my battered feet and disappointed heart to bed.

I was shocked to wake up the next morning to a phone call from Steve. How did he get my number? Steve congratulated me on winning the necklace and was hoping we could spend the afternoon together. Should I be scared or take it as a compliment when he told me that he got my number from the bid sheet?

A nervous excitement radiated through my body as I walked to the Plaza. And there he was waiting for me. Just like last night he gentle took a hold of my hand and led me across the Plaza towards a quaint coffee shop. Spring was beginning to buzz in the air with trees bursting with white blossoms.  A cool breeze danced around us.

And to think we found each other by chance just like it was many, many years ago.